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Why Choose Us | First Health

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Why Choose Us

First Health Care is an accredited provider of health care services, as recognized by Accreditation Canada. We meet and exceed the highest standards set for health care providers across Canada.

We have a quality assurance process for hiring staff where applicants go through:

  • Individual interviews and skills testing
  • References are checked
  • Licenses and certifications are validated
  • Health Status is confirmed
  • Thorough orientation is provided

As a member of the First Health Care team, our staff has free access to on-going education to stay current in their area of focus and to improve their skills to service you better. Their performance is evaluated and feedback is provided to ensure continuous improvement in our service levels.

The caregivers we send are employees of First Health Care. That means that we pay for WSIB, Employment Insurance premiums, CPP contributions and employer health taxes. We also carry professional liability insurance for the services that we provide.

At First Health Care, we also schedule regular nursing supervisory visits at no cost to you. Our Nurse Managers will ensure that your care plan is up to date, will work with our staff to ensure that care is being properly provided and will look to you for feedback about the quality of our care.

When you are considering a health care provider, choose one that is accredited, maintains the highest hiring standards in the industry, provides all coverage and insurances for their employees, guarantees coverage when a scheduled caregiver is unable to attend, and one that provides nursing supervisory visits free of charge to ensure that you receive the best level of care. Choose a provider that is Caring, Reliable, Compassionate and Professional.

First Health Care, where Caring Comes First.